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bears. that's our tide for conserving energy. my doctor told me calcium is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release. a flight attendant, carrying a loaded gun, caused a scare at an airport when the weapon accidentally went off. jaclyn luby was going through security screening at philadelphia international airport yesterday, when t-s-a agents spotted a revolver in her carry-on bag. luby said she forgot the gun was there. she was taken to another
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screening room where a police officer unloaded the gun. that's when it accidentaly fired... the bullet hitting a t- s-a break room. a worker was sitting inside but was not hurt. another flight attendant was called in to replace luby, whose gun is legally registered. a man who jumped into a tiger's den at the bronx zoo said he wanted "to be one" with the animal. the 25 year old man suffered serious injuries friday... including a broken pelvis, broken ankle and puncture wounds. most of the injuries were caused by jumping 17-feet from a monorail car into the exhibit. rescuers used a fire extinguisher to separate the man and the animal... which was not injured. the man said it was not a suicide attempt. police say it appears he was fascinated with tigers. he is now charged with trespassing. a factory best known for making apple's i-phone is shut down following a massive brawl involving about 2,000 workers. hundreds of riot police descended on a dorm that houses foxconn workers yesterday in a city near beijing, china. several people were arrested 40 taken to the hospital. foxconn says the brawl broke out over a personal dispute and doesn't appear to be work related. the plant employs 79,000 people. it's expected to re-open
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tomorrow. weeks after the video was leaked, the obama campaign is using mitt romney's own words in its latest ad. the ad uses direct quotes from romney at a recent fdraiser, where he said 47 percent of the country saw themselves as victims who are entitled to help from the government. romney has since said his campaign is for all americans. both candidates are taking on foreign policy ten days before the first debate. on last night's 60 minutes the president was asked whether he faced pressure to be more aggressive on iran's nuclear program.
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>>when it comes to our national security decisions and the pressure that i feel is simply to do what is right for the american people and i am going to block out any noise that is out there ... >>the president has a foremanforeign policy that is characterized as leading from behind that for me is being a follower the romney campaign says the president's attitude over israel is the latest evidence of his chronic disregard for the security of our closest ally in the middle east. it's been over 100 years, but the wife of abraham lincoln is getting another day in court. a chicago court found mary todd lincoln insane in 1875, ten years after her husband's assassination. but historians have disagreed about whether she got a fair hearing and if today's health laws would have affected the case. so the former first lady is
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getting a pair of re-trials. actors will play the historic roles, and they will be represented by real attorneys. the audience will be the jury. the first re-trial is today at murphy auditorium in chicago. another one will be held at the lincoln museum in springfield on october first. just ahead: the latest on i-phone five opening weekend sales... and why experts are saying they may have missed the mark. and, still to come this midday: the big winners from last night's emmy awards ...
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we are live from the new york stock exchange with your bloomberg "on the money" report: shares of google are hitting a record near $750 the company is
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benefiting on rising demand for advertising products across platforms ... apple says it sold 5 million of its new i phone 5 mobile phones shattering previous records but lower than expectations from analysts ... apple said it did not have enough funds to meet the demand ... breadbox and verizon are planning to take their instant streaming movie service for recent films later this year ... they want to take on netflix and amazon for the competitive online streaming business ... chicago belt- tightening for its budget seems to be paying off ... the end up
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coming budget gap will be the smallest since 2008 for higher revenue and cuts in spending ... it will be $71 million less than what the mayor is expected back in july ... it's been cutting million dollars in unused telephone lines following audits and also 1 million and office supplies alone mark shale said it was a gun able to find a strategic partners and will close its doors after 83 years the stores will remain open until the merchandise sells ... up next: the latest on the effort that
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has spread worldwide, to save prentice hospital. we'll have a live report. also: contraceptives at school. the controversy over what some high schools are now offering their teenage students... and later: a major new finding about breast cancer that could change the course of treatment.
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supporters of a campaign to save prentice women's hospital are making their voices heard today at city hall. randi belisomo was on hand as they presented petitions to the mayor and other officials. she joins us live from city hall. >>northwestern university wants to demolish the old hospital and 1975 bertrand a goldberger building that elicited emotional responses for nearly 40 years preservationists want the city to stop northwestern from tearing this down and now renowned architects are joining in the fight northwestern university wants to tear the hospital down to build a state of the art biomedical research facility connected to its other medical office on the streeterville campus it moved to new facilities and 20 07 and the university is asking for a demolition permit for later this year to begin work on the new facility that the northwestern spokesperson says will attract
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$150 million a year in federal research grants and bring thousands of jobs to the area ... a coalition is delivering a petition signed by 3000 supporters from around the world to the mayor and the alderman here so far no one has taken sides on the issue ... 80 architects from around the world are asking for the same thing they say that northwestern can build this facility on other vacant properties nearby or repurchase this building for another years >>it's truly unique structure and the fact that it was divine designed by local architect and that it was gifted to the city of chicago makes it a truly special building and for us to just wantonly throw it away to carelessly demolish it and put it in the landfill we believe it's irresponsible
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>>the building is significant for what it did for hospital design architecture engineering and development for the means to do computer-aided design developed architecture is such an important building to the entire country and chicago >>this is a young building in 10 years from now there probably would not be a debate but we need to think about the recent past as being an important contributor to who we are and where we are going >>spokesman for the university said that it's a matter of what is the greatest good we could do lifesaving research bring in hundreds of millions of dollars and employ thousands of people but to do this we need to be able to build right on that site the commission on chicago landmarks could take up the issue during the october 4th meeting about a dozen public schools
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in new york city are making the morning-after-pill available to the program started last year in one school... and has now expanded to 13. school nurses can dispense 'plan b' emergency contraception to girls as young as 14 without their parents' permission. all parents have been notified, and given the chance to opt out. about 7,000 girls in new york city get pregnant by age 17. more than half choose to have an abortion. studies show that pregnant students tend to drop out of school. still to come we have jim ramsey with the full weather forecast
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o'hare dropped to 37 degrees this morning northwest suburban mchenry was 30 degrees we had reports of frost across the northern suburbs ... the temperature has been shot up 25 degrees ... that's the result of a song strong southwesterly wind ... there's lots of bright sunshine that there but the wind could be challenging gusts as high as 30 mi. per hour might get recorded ... 62 degrees now we should be on the way to 70 degrees possibly 68 degrees as the high today here in chicago there is warm weather in texas and oklahoma ... more warm weather moving east from the west that could produce some
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rainshowers and the downstate area chicago macy's some scattered showers here is the bulk of this cool air with time it's expected to raise the chicago area tomorrow ... we may get into the '70s. this cool air is still hugging the midwest ... we might be a few degrees below normal throughout the entire week and there's a big chunk of cold air coming down from northwestern canada ... the wind is 10-20 mi. per hour gusting as high as 30 mi. per hour ... we are expecting the area in red on the map to make 30 mi. per hour wind gusts ... that's the story today it will be breezy out there ...
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the wind it does tend to settle of it tomorrow. the strong wind will move into the ohio valley and parts of southern illinois not much to show you on the radar ... the cloud cover is moving to kansas and nebraska and will arrive here tomorrow bringing showers to the southern suburbs and downstate there is a cold front crossing into chicago and that may save us keeping the rain down state ... here is the forecast for the remainder of the afternoon: bright sunshine strong wind frequently gusting with the highs upper 60s ... for tonight mostly clear skies not quite as chile 47-54 degrees by tuesday we will be looking at the
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increasing clouds with storms possible 71-75 degree high temperatures we will cool off wednesday's 65-71 degrees the wind will be off of lake michigan water temperatures there are in the '60s right now ... it looks like we will have a pretty nice week temperatures close to normal ... time now for today's trivia question: which ancient philosopher wrote the dialogue called "the republic"? a. socrates b. plato c. aristotle most of the pain i experience is in my knees. when i think of aspirin,
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time for sports: the bears' offense still looks sluggish, but the defense has proven it can still win games. the bears were back home against the rams yesterday. michael bush started for the injured matt forte and in the second he ran for a 3-yard touchdown... bush had 55 rushing yards. the bears sacked sam bradford six times, including 2 1/2 from israel idonije... the rams only had 160 yards of offense. bears still led in the fourth when tim jennings pped a pass, and major wright ran it back 45 yards for a score. the bears won 23-6, but the offense was held to just one touchdown.
12:39 pm
>>it's frustrating we want to catch every ball i missed a few myself we cannot let this affect us we have to move on i have to make those passes they have to make those catches and put the mistakes behind us >> the white sox wrapped up a tough road trip in l.a. they loaded the bases in the first, but alex rios struck out swinging, and the angels escaped the inning... the sox were 0 for 5 with runners in scoring position. in the sixth... alex pujols doubled to left but dayan viciedo misplayed it, and two runs scored. gavin floyd gave up four runs in six innings. the sox lost their fifth in a row, 4-1. the tigers droppped a double- header to minnesota, so the sox still lead by a game. it was "kerry wood appreciation day" at wrigley field.
12:40 pm
the cubs and cardinals were scoreless until the third inning, when allen craig doubled in two runs. justin germano allowed four runs and ten hits in less than six innings. cubs lost 6-3. they are now six losses shy of 100 with nine games left. that's a look at sports. wgn is sponsoring a job fair. the naacp professional and executive diversity job fair will be held tomorrow at the lakeview terrace at navy pier. it runs from 10 a.m to 3 p.m. you must have a four-year degree or above to apply. your live illinois lottery drawing is next. good afternoon. here are the winning pick three numbers:939
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here are the winning pick four numbers: 1 3 2 6
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in medical watch.. important genetic research could alter the way breast cancers are treated. researchers conducted a genomic analysis of tissue samples from more than 800 breast cancer patients. they focused primarily on the biological details of the tumors.. rather than on where they appeared in the body. the researchers report there are 4 main classes of breast cancer. one has more in common with an aggressive form of ovarian cancer than with other breast cancers.. but the study authors say whether they can be treated the same way still needs to be explored. a 49 year-old man from the middle eastern nation of qatar is in critical condition at a british hospital.. suffering from a previously unknown virus related to the deadly sars infection and the common cold. the world health organization says a second patient with an almost identical virus has already died in saudi arabia.. where the man now hospitalized in the u.k. recently traveled. a senior british health official says there's no immediate cause for concern.. although experts are watching out for any signs of the virus
12:46 pm
spreading. pediatricians are warning families children should stay off trampolines at home and at the playground. the number of trampoline injuries in the u.s. has dropped.. but hospital emergency departments still treat nearly 100 thousand each year. in a new statement.. the american academy of pediatrics says the addition of safety nets and padding has actually not changed the type of injuries doctors are seeing. three-quarters of trampoline injuries happen when more than one person jumps at the same time, often when a small child is bouncing with a heavier playmate. trader joe's has issued a voluntary recall of peanut butter sold at its stores because of a potential salmonella contamination. 29 people in 18 states have been infected with salmonella... four have been hospitalized. it's believed the "creamy salted valencia peanut butter" sold at the grocery store is the source of the outbreak. symptoms of salmonella contamination include fever abdominal pain and vomiting. the company urges consumers to dispose of the product or return it to any trader joe's store for a full refund.
12:47 pm
three members of congress have introduced the "rice" act... to limit the amount of arsenic permitted in rice products. the legislation follows a report last week that suggested rice has troubling levels of arsenic -- a known carcinogen. there are currently no federal standards for arsenic in most foods... including rice-based products such as baby food. the rice industry says the concerns are overblown. mayor emanuel wants to make chicago one of the best digital cities in the nation. his office launched the "chicago broadband challenge" today. the goal is to provide the greatest availability of ultra- high speed broadband possible. millennium park now offers free wireless internet and eventually all parks and open spaces in chicago will as well. the plan also includes extending broadband service to under-served areas. the mayor says eventually, chicago will be one of the most connected cities in the world.
12:48 pm
for those who missed it, here's a quick recap of the big winners from last nights 64th emmy awards. "homeland", "modern family" and "game change" took home awards for best drama, comedy and mini- series or movie... beating out expected winners "mad men", "big bang theory" and "breaking bad." julia louis dreyfuss was a surprise winner for best actress in hbo's "veep". jon cryer took his 2nd emmy award, ther first
12:49 pm
as lead actor in "2 1/2 men". eric stone street and julie bowen won best supporting honors from "modern family." for dramas, it was claire danes and damien lewis winning best actress and actor for "homeland"...maggie smith took downton abbey's only award for best supporting actress and aaron paul won breaking bad's only award. lunchbreak is next. a savory but healthy salmon recipe. [ "i'm only human" plays ] humans -- sometimes life trips us up. and sometimes, we trip ourselves up but that's okay. at liberty mutual insurance we can "untrip" you as you go through your life with personalized policies and discounts when you need them most. just call... and speak with a licensed representative
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about saving on your policy when you get married move into a new house... [crash!] or add a car to your policy. don't forget to ask about saving up to 10% when you combine your auto and home insurance
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